Susan! So good to « hear » from you. I see your presence here on Squidoo and appreciate all of the work you and the rest of the SquidSquad do for all of us it must have been trying, working through all of the changes (and resistance). However, I want to congratulate Squidoo for vastly improving the quality of the site. I’m thrilled with the changes.

Goodness! Thank you for buying the book (Kindle, I assume,cheap ugg boots sale uk, since you wax eloquently on Squidoo about that device I agree). I hope you enjoy it. Still struggling to get the word out (it is so hard to do, since I didn’t go with the big publishing houses,cheap uggs uk, as a lot of reviewers won’t touch an independent book). Despite the lack of publicity,uggs outlet, however, some word appears to be getting out since I continue to hop up to the top 5% of Kindle books Sales Rank every once in a while and last week the paperback jumped to the top 1/2%. That was thrilling. Thank you so much for your support!